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Mound lost a dear wife, mother, wonderful grandmother, and sister.  Mrs. Nancy (Lois) Hopson Dixon, died Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. 

The 2023 March Madness Indoor Pickleball Tournament was recently held at the Gatesville Civic Center, sponsored by Gatesville Parks and Recreation. Eighteen teams across two divisions battled …

The following is a breakdown of activity reported through dispatchers during the period of March 15-21.

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Blue Bonnets in Bloom Photo Gallery


Winter is now officially in the books and spring has arrived! The coming of spring brings the fear of tornadoes, hail, damaging winds and the like, but spring also brings us bluebonnets, green grass, warmer temperatures, and the inspiration that the world is coming alive after a long winter.

United Women in Faith met on March 14 in the Banquet Room of the Methodist Church in Gatesvi…