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Dear Frankie,

How would our moms like it if they went to the hairdresser and their hair was washed with dog shampoo? I bet they wouldn’t. 

We have learned that there is a new website for the Pearl Bluegrass event. Go to for all information about upcoming first Saturday jams and stage shows at the Pearl Community Center.

We wrote a couple of our columns in advance because of the holidays, so here is a recap of the highlights and challenges experienced over the last two weeks.

Have you ever been to a big stadium or an airport and realized you have misplaced something? Upon being directed to the “lost and found,” one pours through dozens of items that have become separated from their owners. With any luck, the item that went missing might be found.

As we begin the stretch run toward Christmas, with nine days to go until Christmas Eve, a well-orchestrated sense of urgency starts to simmer. Have we gotten our loved ones enough gifts, or the right gifts?

Last week, I talked to you about how fast 2021 is slipping away. As I am typing the current Pearl News, it has occurred to me that it is December and that this is not only a magical time of year, but also a spiritual time of year as well. One of the delights of this season is driving through…

No doubt 2020 and 2021 have been historic years of upheaval and change, but 92 years ago, there was a dramatic event which changed the course of the world and left an impact that still remains — the Great Crash of 1929.

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. It's a pause in the busy rush toward Christmas, a time to reflect on what is most important to us and the things we're thankful for.

 Gatesville’s own Cotton Davidson will be doing a book signing event at the Coryell Museum and Historical Center on Saturday, Nov. 27, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  His book, The Rifleman, has made it through the lengthy production process and a special printing has been made to coincide with h…

 “In 1937 my dad hitched a team to a wagon, and we went down the road a couple of miles to a neighbor’s house for Sunday dinner,” said Dewain Collins, who was living in Weatherford at the time.  “I was 11 months old and just learning to walk.  Sometime that afternoon I began to get sick.  We…

Gumbo is not the only use for okra, a vegetable brought to the U.S. by slaves in the 1660s. Dallas has an event called Okrapalooza every year about the time okra is harvested. Elizabeth Dry turned a trashy vacant lot into a community garden 12 years ago and named it The Promise of Peace Gard…

  Mr. Garland Baker of Gatesville filled the pulpit at the Sunday Morning Worship Service at White Mound Baptist Church on Sept. 26 in the absence of Rev. Bruce Cox.

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 In Italian, the word allora is an expression used for calming people. There is a 17-year-old girl who lives near Fredericksburg named Allora and she is definitely living up to her name. She sings, writes and loves to ride horses.

Get your child to sign up for a library card

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When the summer heat is at its peak people in Fort Worth seek refuge in the shade and beauty of the city’s Botanic Garden in Forest Park.