Grandma Crosby 2.jpg

 At her 90th birthday celebration, Donna Crosby (pictured front row center) is seen with “a few” of her 116 great-grandchildren.

In August 2020, The Gatesville Messenger published a story about Donna Crosby meeting her 100th great-grandchild. Recently, Donna Crosby, affectionately known as “Grandma Crosby,” celebrated her 90th birthday and reported that the number of her great-grandchildren had increased from 100 to 116.

Her first great-grandchild was born in 1999, and when asked in 2020 about the arrival of her 100th great-grandchild, Crosby said, “Who would ever dreamed it?” With the birth of the 100th, Crosby’s hopes for the child were “That she’ll just love the Lord with all her heart and be a Christian – that’s what I pray for all of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.” Crosby is the mother of 13 children, the grandmother of 75 grandchildren, and now, the great-grandmother of 116 great-grandchildren.

When asked on her 90th birthday what it meant to be surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she said “It is just wonderful and I don’t feel old, I feel blessed, very blessed. God has done so much for me and has been so good to me.”