Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thornton children participate in youth fair despite tragedy


Just a few days following Christmas, the home of Rodney and Alesha Thornton and their three children was destroyed in a fire just as the Thornton children were preparing for the Coryell County Youth Fair.

Each one of the children has participated in the Youth Fair since they were eligible to compete in the Pee-Wee competitions – every year yielding many ribbons.

“After the fire, it seemed so overwhelming at first to think about doing the projects, but it’s something that they enjoy doing each year, so they moved forward,” Alesha Thornton said. 

Jaelee, now in eighth grade, has participated in the auction each year either with sewing, cooking, or rabbits. Last year was Jett’s first year out of the Pee-Wee competition where he won many ribbons and auctioned a rabbit. (Jett’s now in fourth grade.)

In the past, the Thornton children have shown rabbits and participated in all categories of Home Economics including photography, baked goods, sewing, hobbies, art, and preserved foods.

“In my opinion, the Youth Fair has taught them invaluable lessons in winning, losing, showcasing their talents, trying new things, making new friends, enriching current friendships, and leaving their comfort zones,” Alesha Thornton said.

Barely two weeks before the Youth Fair, the Thornton children decided to put the house fire behind them and focus on participating in the competition – and their determination paid off with making the sale this year.

“It was heartwarming to see the support the kids received from fellow Youth Fair families in light of all that had happened,” Thornton said.