Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tapping your boots to Bluegrass music at Pearl


The recent bluegrass festival at Pearl was deemed a success with four bands playing to a crowd of Bluegrass enthusiasts. The monthly Pearl Bluegrass event was held last Saturday at the Pearl Community Center. Several groups and individuals performed in the afternoon including House Arrest, Lee Billeck, Pat Whitten, Randy & Dana, and OFFC. Practice rooms were open in the morning for groups to rehearse. The kitchen was open with a wide variety of homemade food and a table full of desserts to choose from.

Visitors came from far and near to attend the festival to listen to some good old Bluegrass music with some of the best players on stage to perform.

Next door to the facility is the Pearl Cottage Bookstore where several visitors spent time browsing through the massive number of books on hand that now exceeds well over 6,000. Since books and other items are not priced, visitors are informed of the bookstore’s slogan, “Take what you want and pay what you want.” The proceeds from the bookstore support local charities in the area.  The bookstore is open the first Saturday of each month with the exception of September when it is held on the second Saturday following Labor Day.