Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Officer Carol Brown honored


During the Feb. 19th meeting of the Gatesville Independent School District Board of Trustees, Carol Brown was honored during the Student Spotlight presentation.

Her colleagues and co-workers had the following to say about her performance and her years in law enforcement:

Gatesville ISD Police Chief Gary Stiles said, "Carol's parents were both in law enforcement, and I believe her mother was the first female deputy sheriff at Bell County, SO. Her career in law enforcement has now spanned 40 years, and she is still serving our community. She has strong ties and relationships in the community that have been instrumental in solving some major crimes. She has, and continues to do, a stellar job for us."

Primary Principal Van Collins stated, "Officer Brown's professionalism at the campus helps keep our students safe each and every day. We are lucky to have her expertise and knowledge to turn to whenever necessary."

Primary Assistant Principal Tamela Eary explained, "Carol is always willing to jump in when needed. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her as an SRO and the students absolutely adore her as well as the parents. She is a positive role model for our community and our school.”