Friday, June 21, 2024

Local schools and Military Units honored at annual Adopt-a-School Program


Fort Cavazos, TX - On May 14, 2024, the High Chaparral Youth Center was buzzing with excitement as Ms. Tina Smith, the School Liaison Officer for Child & Youth Services at Fort Cavazos, hosted the annual Adopt-a-School program awards ceremony. This event celebrated the program's partnerships with schools in Fort Cavazos, Killeen, Gatesville, and surrounding areas, where military units volunteer their time to support students through enriching activities.

The program, which highlights both new and established partnerships, aims to enhance student learning and enjoyment. This year, several awards were presented, including the prestigious Comeback Unit of the Year and Outstanding Unit Commander awards. Before the awards were given, Mr. Michael Hobbs, the principal of Bonham Middle School, shared his thoughts on the program, emphasizing its positive impact on student growth and the school's ability to provide unique and meaningful experiences.

One of the evening's highlights was the recognition of CPT William Johnson, a unit organizer for Adopt-a-School from 1-395 BEB, whose unit proudly took home four awards, including third place in the Top Hours award. CPT Johnson expressed his unit's commitment to partnerships and relationships in the Gatesville community, highlighting the mutual support between the community and the soldiers stationed at North Fort Cavazos.

CPT Johnson emphasized the importance of the program in showing that the Armed Services are not just focused on winning wars.

"We are committed to our partnerships and relationships in the Gatesville community," he said. "We have a great group of soldiers that really believe in giving back."

CPT Johnson emphasized the importance of the program in building the youth for tomorrow. "It's important for the kids to see the Armed Services in the community, showing that we're not just winning wars for America, but we're building the youth of tomorrow that may help support their country in the future in some way " he added.

He recommended that units looking to participate in the Adopt-a-School program ensure they have a great point of contact with the school and communicate with soldiers in their unit. "Being a bridge builder to the school and the unit is definitely the first start," he said. But also, on building the youth for tomorrow. He encouraged other units to participate, stressing the need for strong communication within units and with schools to ensure successful involvement.

In addition to 1-395 BEB, other units recognized at the event included 1-393 BSB, 62D ESB-E, 2-227 AVN REG, CRDAMC, 91st BEB, and 3d Combat Weather Squadron, all of whom received awards for their contributions to the Adopt-a-School program.