Thursday, May 30, 2024

Lady Eagles soar to semifinals


This past week on Thursday, May 2, the Jonesboro Lady Eagles went up against the Saint Jo Lady Panthers and came out on top with a big win of 39-9 in their Class A playoff game.

The ladies played a rigorous game with a total of 33 hits in 44 at-bats (AB), with 34 RBI (runs batted in), and 15 walks.

Adalyna Andrade had three runs, two hits, and five AB; Emily Turner had six runs, four hits, and four AB; Kyleigh Walker had five runs, three hits, and three AB; Julie Henderson had five runs, four hits, and five AB; Ally Thorman had four runs, three hits, and six AB; Leighla Hernadez had three runs, two hits, and three AB; Madalyn Smith had one run, two hits, and three AB; Campell Gustin had four runs, four hits, and six AB; Kylee Gould had three runs, two hits, and two AB; Madison Cohn had two hits and two AB; and Lynlee Deats had five runs, five hits, and five AB.

The Lady Eagles will now advance to the regional semifinals where they will face off against the Blum Lady Bobcats on Friday, May 10, in Stephenville.

For further details regarding the Lady Eagles, contact Jonesboro Independent School District at 254-463-2111.