Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Jonesboro ISD Kindness Project Rocks On!


The Kindness Rocks Project is a viral trend where people paint kind and encouraging words on rocks and leave them for others to find. For more information, visit

Back row, left to right: Nate Grant, Bront Bowles, Brantley Delaney, Brendan Sellers, Robert Cox, Nacona McCoy, Saydee Cullar, Ashby Barnett, Emma Outten.

Middle Row, left to right: Wyatt Warren, Layla Whisenhunt, Taelynn Oglesby, Maylena, Villanueva, Chela Gallegos, Will Shoaf, Adrian Ramirez.

Bottom Row, left to right: Troy Whisenhunt, Tegan McDow, Owen Hartman, Barrett Taylor, Lytle Key, Kobyn Suggs, Sterling Cockrell

Not pictured are Journee Gentry, Myla Anderson, Clara Blanchard, and Gunner Davis