Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Golden Deeds Awards presented at Exchange Club banquet


Outstanding students, as well as a firefighter, peace officer, healthcare professional, educator and community members were honored during the Gatesville Exchange Club’s Golden Deeds Banquet held on Monday, April 24, at First Methodist Church in Gatesville.

Georg Cleverley started the banquet by introducing Pastor Bill Trotter, who gave the invocation, followed by Mike Meier who led the pledges to the American flag and the Texas flag.

Alan Mathis announced the “Proudly We Hail” award winner to the managers of Hidden Valley RV Getaway, Anishia Bayer and Michael Bayer, for their display of the American flag. This was followed by Chief Nursing Officer at Coryell Health, Heather Rambeau, who presented the “Health Professional” award to Coryell Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeffery Bates.

Sgt. Chadrik Summers introduced and presented the “Peace Officer” award to Sgt. Blake Riley, whose wife, Amber, received the award on his behalf.

Gatesville Fire Chief Billy Vaden, along with Evant Fire Chief Chuck Weeks, presented the “Fire Fighter” award to Evant firefighter Bill Wheeless.

Gatesville Elementary School Principal Keegan Webb presented the “Educator Award” to first-grade teacher Jean Grimsley.

Camilla Edge, of the Gatesville Senior Center, introduced and presented the “Senior Citizen” award to long-time center volunteer Rebel Brown. Director of Parks and Recreation Seth Phillips presented the “Care Award” to Timothy Muegge.

JoAnn Sugg then introduced the 12 students of the month – Halleigh Ament, Thiele Alvarado, Korbin Brown, Brady Carothers, Lindsey Cummings, Slone Early, Ariel Finley, Lucas Garcia, Ben Mabry, Laura Mitchell, Kallyn Moreland, and Ty Warren. Out of the 12, the two winners of the “Student of the Year” award were Lindsey Cummings and Kallyn Moreland.

Suggs also introduced and presented the “Accepting the Challenge of Excellence” (A.C.E.) awards to Maria Olvera Rodriguez, Emma Hurlburt, and Nathaniel Johnson.

Georg Cleverley then introduced and presented the “Exchangite of the Year” award to Monty Van Horn.

GISD’s Scott Harper introduced and presented the “Book of Golden Deeds” award to the founder of Righteous Roots, Melanie Webb.