Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Gatesville HS powerlifting team powers through invitational competition


The Gatesville High School Powerlifting team competed in an invitational at China Spring on Thursday, Feb. 1, where the athletes came out as runners-up.

The boys’ powerlifting team came out in second place overall with a total of 45 points.

Boys powerlifting results:

  • Aiden Pankow, second place, 114 Class, 500-pound total.
  • Sergio Bucio, first place, 123 Class, 785-pound total.
  • J. Hall, first place, 165 Class, 1,300-pound total.
  • Dutch Nielson, third place, 181 Class, 1150-pound total.
  • Brayden Mills, fourth place, 181 Class, 1110-pound total.
  • Caden Benton, second place, 198 Class, 1045-pound total.
  • Kaden Coffman, fourth place, 220 Class, 1055-pound total.
  • Zach Bryant, first place, 308 plus Class, 1690-pound total.

Other medalists include Aiden Pankow and Caden Benton, second place; Dutch Nielson, third place; Brayden Mills and Kaden Coffman, fourth place.

The girls powerlifting team came out in second place overall with a total of 51 points.

Girls powerlifting results:

  • Bayelyn Roberts, second place, 105 Class, 520-pound total.
  • Kasey Fitzer, first place, 114 Class, 610-pound total.
  • Paisley Wells, second place, 114 Class, 580-pound total.
  • Marin Segraves, fourth place, 123 Class, 530-pound total.
  • Shaylie Teague, first place, 148 Class, 850-pound total.
  • Isabela Mondragon, third place, 148 Class, 645-pound total.
  • Reigen Davidson, fifth place, 148 Class, 500-pound total.
  • Zoey Arnold, first place, 198 Class, 770-pound total.
  • Emma Davidson, first place, 220 Class, 875-pound total.
  • Alyssa Saxon, second place, 242 plus Class, 765-pounds total.

The Gatesville High School powerlifting team competed on Thursday, Feb. 8, in McGregor.

For more information, Gatesville High School can be reached at 254-865-8281.