Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Football Contest 2023 Week 1, August 25-26


Week 1, August 25-26

  1. Gatesville vs. Taylor
  2. Oglesby vs. Penelope
  3. Jonesboro vs. Coolidge
  4. Evant vs. Stephenville Faith
  5. Copperas Cove vs. Georgetown
  6. Dallas Cowboys vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Tie Breaker: #1 (61 points)

C.W. Vernon and David White both correctly predicted the outcome of all six games for the week of Aug. 25, leaving the tiebreaker game to determine the winner. Vernon predicted a total of 47 points, while White predicted an overall score of 23-17 for a total of 40 points. Vernon’s estimate came closest to the final tiebreaking score of 61 points, earning him first place and a prize of $20, with White winning second place and $10. Yvonne Dutschmann picked five of the six games correctly, winning third place and a prize of $5.