Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Eclipse at the Crosses draws crowds


Dr. Eric Moffett, the lead pastor at Coryell Community Church, recently reflected on the total solar eclipse event known as “Eclipse at the Crosses,” which was held on the church grounds.

Despite the fact that totality was somewhat shielded by clouds, Moffett commented that those in attendance were caught by “a few breathtaking glimpses of the moon covering the sun.”

Moffett also mentioned the moment when the city was shrouded in darkness and the three crosses, controlled by a daylight sensor, suddenly lit up in the darkness. “Reminding us of God’s great love for us. It was an overwhelming and beautiful experience,” he said.

Reflecting on those in attendance, Moffett said that the vast majority were out-of-town guests who were grateful to find a welcoming and family-safe place to view the eclipse. He also mentioned that the eclipse event at the church included visitors from Wales, France, Italy, and Canada along with visitors from many U.S. states, including California, Colorado, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, and all points of interest.

Moffett pointed out that the church parking lot was fully reserved, but that some visitors changed their plans at the last minute due to the potential cloud cover. “Overall, we had over 600 people in attendance. It was difficult to get a good count, because we were spread all over our campus throughout the day,” he said.

“The eclipse was a rare opportunity to show the love of Jesus to people from all over the world and the United States without ever leaving Gatesville. What we have, we want to use to share the love of Jesus with our community. Each person, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through is welcome here,” Moffett said.

“We would like to offer a word of thanks to our guests who joined us and our vendors who came and shared their gifts with us. We also want to give a huge thanks to our selfless volunteers who worked our CCC concession team.”