Friday, June 21, 2024

District Court construction underway


At the most recent meeting of the Coryell County Commissioners Court held on Tuesday, May 28, an update on the current construction of the 440th District Court building was given by Commissioner Scott Weddle.

“I think that everyone that has driven by has seen a lot of activity on the slab over there. As of May 23, 75% of the steel has been set, and the first inspection was that Friday,” Weddle said. He said that when he recently drove by, he noticed that the masonry work has commenced, and that two-thirds of the parking lot had been done and should be completed by the end of the month.

Weddle continued to say that the fire alarm and sprinkler permits would be reviewed by Fire Chief Vaden in the near future.

The initial construction project was approved for a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of $8,016,114.53 in December of 2023. In late April of 2024, construction crews poured the slab for the foundation and completed the initial electrical and plumbing lines at the construction site located along South 5th Street one block from the courthouse square.

In addition to housing the 440th District Court, the new structure will also provide offices for justice-of-the-peace courts, constables for Precincts 3 and 4, and Texas Game Wardens, in addition to other county departments.

The building plans will also include a 120-seat district courtroom, jury box, bailiff space, and state-approved inmate holding cells, according to a previous article which appeared in The Gatesville Messenger.

Construction of the District Court building, also referred to as the Leon Street Annex, is scheduled to be completed by January 2025.

Describing the construction process, Weddle said that the county is surpassing “a lot of milestones.”