Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Courthouse repairs underway


Work commenced last week on the repair of the northwest dome of the Coryell County Courthouse. In February, County Commissioner of Pct. 3, Ryan Basham, reported that the four courthouse domes, located on each corner of the building, were leaking and causing damage in the attic and to the offices below.

After the county agreed to a quote of $48,500 from A*R*C*Hitexture Roof Coatings owned by Gregory Cole of Rowlett, restoration and repair plans were soon put into action. Cole, who has been in the business for 48 years, said, “We specialize in working with metal roofs.” He also stated that his work is guaranteed for 25 years.

When asked about the time frame for completing the work, Commissioner Basham said, “Best thing they can give me is two weeks to a month to repair the dome.”

“Water from the northwest dome is leaking into the attic and into an office below, which is occupied by District Clerk Becky Moore where records have received water damage,” Basham said.

Although leaks have been discovered in all four domes, the one on the northwest corner of the 125-year-old courthouse needed to be addressed first.

“On some of the spots, they’re having trouble getting some of the old covering off. There’s been more damage than good,” he said. Basham reported that, over the years, hail has been responsible for damage to the domes and to the roof. “There is some hail damage and the contractor said that the dome we’re working on now has been beaten down and they’re going to have to straighten that up. Now, after the coating has been painted onto the dome, it will be more protected from hail damage, wind, and heavy rains,” he said.

Basham recently gave an update on the repair work to the Coryell County Historical Commission and brought samples of the sealant that will be used on the dome. “There’s going to be three different coats on it,” he said. Four coats of a neoprene base which is black and known as PermaLastic Plus which is a rubber-based sealant was applied by hand to the dome following repair work of loose seams and repair work on the lightening rod on top. Concerning the black PermaLastic, Basham said, “We’re going to get some phone calls and people are going to ask why the dome is being painted black, but it’s not going to remain black.”

According to Basham, the last two coats put on the dome will be Omni-Clad which is a polyurethane coating that will provide seamless waterproofing. To carefully match the color of the other domes, the Omni-Clad coating will be “terra cotta” in color.

The white base which supports the dome was also treated with neoprene and then painted with a sealant called “Coryell County White.”

Basham stated, “My goal is that we need to take care of this courthouse that we’re so very proud of. I was born and raised in Coryell County, and I think she’s probably the prettiest courthouse in the State of Texas. We need to take care of it. If there’s an option that we don’t have to use taxpayer’s dollars, that’s the route I’d like to go.”