Tuesday, February 27, 2024

County jail addition moving into final stages


The expansion of the Coryell County jail is scheduled to be completed in February, according to county commissioners.

Commissioner Scott Weddle provided an update on jail construction during Commissioners Court on Dec. 28. He said the Texas Commission on Jail Standards plans to inspect the jail in early February to ensure the building meets state standards.

Once the new building is approved by the Texas Jail Commission, the county can begin utilizing the space for inmates.

Despite recent holiday schedules, Weddle said contractor Butler-Cohen has still made significant progress on construction.

“They have been right on schedule and keeping it moving,” Weddle said. “I don’t see anything right now that’s going to keep us from getting there.”

Commissioner Ryan Basham said the jail is approximately 75% complete. He adds that the expansion will enter its final phase of construction in the next two or three weeks.

David Campbell, on-site manager for Butler Cohen, said construction crews will begin installing interior fixtures, such as lighting, plumbing, and security devices once the ceiling and floors are complete.

“We are very, very close,” said David Campbell, the on-site manager with Butler-Cohen. “I would consider this the final stages.” 

The construction of the 47-bed addition to the jail was originally scheduled to be completed in December, according to a previous article by the Messenger. Construction first began in May 2023.