Friday, June 21, 2024

Adventure begins with your public library. And it started with a bang!


For many years, Ft. Hood, now Ft. Cavazos, has been a neighbor to Gatesville. To promote good neighbor relations, the Gatesville Public Library and MSG Lauren Morrell began implementing ideas for the library’s summer reading program, and since the theme this summer is “Adventure Begins at Your Library,” an adventure is what was planned. 

First, MSG Morrell and Capt. Mitchell Fay, from Ft. Cavazos, visited library patrons during Story Time. After visiting with the children about Ft. Cavazos, Capt. Mitchell Fay read “Gabe: The Dog Who Sniffs Out Danger,” which explains how the army uses dogs to search for explosives. MSG Morrell and Capt. Fay were joined by Jenny Featherston and Winston. While Winston doesn’t sniff out explosives, he “works” with the District Attorney’s office where he comforts those who are in a time of vulnerability. In addition to learning something about our military, the children learned that dogs could have very important jobs. After the visit, the children and their families were ready to head to Ft. Cavazos.

The first stop was to watch the cavalry ride! Amid cannon, rifle, and pistol fire from the 1st Cavalry Horse Division at Ft. Cavazos, 60-plus patrons from the Gatesville Public Library watched riders put their horses and mules through their paces. They saw first-hand how the army fought in the late 1800s. They watched the 1st Cav perform and then toured the stables and visited with the riders, and they learned about the reproduction weaponry the riders used as well as the care and training of the horses and mules. Next, the patrons visited several static displays of tanks, trucks, helicopters, and Jeeps for a much more current view of army weapons and vehicles.   

All summer long, the Gatesville Public Library will be offering adventures of all kinds. From future field trips to activities at the library, something is happening every weekday. Come by and check it out!