Sunday, July 21, 2024

Melton, Webb attend 2024 TEPSA Summer Conference


On Thursday, June 13, Keegan Webb and myself had the opportunity to present at the 2024 TEPSA Summer Conference.

TEPSA (Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association) has served prekindergarten through eighth grade school leaders since 1917 and has over 5,900 members who direct the activities of three million in PK-eighth grade to collaborate and get a fresh boost to advance their practices and enrich student learning for the upcoming school year.

This journey began for us back in November of 2023, after attending the TEPSA Grow conference in Austin. We collaborated and wanted to share with others the great things we know and do on our own campuses to help build a positive school culture for staff, students, and the community.

In January of 2024, we submitted our proposal for a Taylor Swift themed, “In Our Culture Era,” presentation. The goals of the session were to help others understand the foundations of establishing a campus culture and how it helps to support teacher retention and to develop a high-performing campus. We also shared ideas on how to be purposeful in your work as a campus administrator, because a positive school culture does not happen by chance, but rather by design.

Lastly, we wanted our attendees to leave with resources that they could take back and utilize on their own campus allowing them to take action in their own ‘culture era.’

The opportunity was an amazing experience, and we loved getting to share with the 100-plus attendees in our session. Keegan and I look forward to future collaborations and accelerating the positive school culture of our staff, students, and the community at Oglesby ISD as we venture into the new school year together as a dynamic administrative duo.