Sunday, July 21, 2024

Gatesville Animal Shelter honored with No-Kill Award


This past week, the Gatesville Animal Shelter and its animal control officers announced its recent recognition for achieving and maintaining “no-kill” status in 2023 by exceeding a 90 percent save rate for cats and dogs.

“It means a lot to the animal shelter to get an award recognizing our effort to keep these animals alive and thriving until we find a placement for them out of our shelter, that being adoptions or transfers to rescues,” Interim Chief of Police Cody Lee said.

The award was given to the local shelter by the Best Friends Animal Society, which is a national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025.

According to, “To be considered no-kill, a shelter or rescue must have at least a 90 percent placement rate for the animals in their care.”

Over the course of this past year, 47 dogs have been adopted out or transferred to an animal rescue center, including 20 cats.

“Most of the cats we get are outside community cats, who are then spayed and neutered and released thanks to our trap neuter and release (TNR) program,” Chief Lee said.

The TNR program has saved 41 cats as of June, this year.

Only two animal control officers, Douglas Glimp and Crystal Cockrell, take care of the animal shelter and all animal control calls in the city limits of Gatesville.

Each week, the number of dogs and cats taken in varies, but based on the current report in 2024, the Gatesville Animal Shelter has averaged rescuing three to four dogs a week. Due to the city’s TNR program, the number of cats taken in has reduced, though the shelter still averages about two to three a week, they are mostly trapped, neutered, and released.

The Gatesville Animal Shelter currently houses 15 dogs and five cats that are available for adoption.

“Adopting from your local animal shelter and rescues is important because it directly impacts the lives and welfare of the animals in your area,” Chief Lee expressed.

To set up an appointment with the Gatesville Animal Shelter, call the Gatesville Police Department’s non-emergency line at 254-865-2226 or visit the police department’s lobby.

“We would be happy to show you any of the wonderful animals housed in the Gatesville Animal Shelter,” Chief Lee said.

The Gatesville Animal Shelter also takes donations, whether that be monetary or by providing dog and cat food as well as supplies. All donations are to be dropped off at the Gatesville Police Department, located at 200 North 8th Street.

“The animal shelter’s main goal is the health and welfare of the animals and the citizens of the City of Gatesville,” Chief Lee expressed.