The Coryell County Genealogical Society recently made a generous donation to the restoration fund of the Historic Eagle Springs Baptist Church in memory of Carol Smith who passed away in March.

Carol Smith.jpg

Smith had been an active member of the genealogical society since it was first organized in 1979 and had held every office within the group. She loved to share her knowledge of and her love for Coryell County with anyone who would listen. 

The Historic Eagle Springs Baptist Church is located in the southeastern portion of Coryell County a few miles from Mother Neff State Park. The church was constructed in 1878 with cypress wood which was hauled in wagons from Galveston. The building has two front doors – men entered through the right door and sat on the right side of the church, while women and children entered through the left door and sat on the left side.

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The church is drastically in need of levelling, repairs to the siding, general repair work and painting. The donation from the Coryell County Genealogical Society in memory of Carol Smith was very much appreciated by the organization.