Hitt claims proof of no wrongdoing

In August, Gatesville City Councilman Randy Hitt was threatened with arrest after trying to ask a question at a recent meeting.

Now, Hitt says he has proof he did nothing wrong.

The issue arose at the council’s Aug. 22 meeting where Hitt was seeking a replat on property he owned on Petsick Lane.

Killeen attorney Dan Corbin, who represented a group of property owners in the area, was addressing the council on reasons why they should not grant the replat.

When Hitt tried to ask a question, he was cut off by Corbin, who wanted to know if the city councilman had fi led an affi davit for confl ict of interest.

Hitt was unaware of any such affi davit. He knew he could not vote on the issue, but was unaware he could not ask questions.

Corbin turned to police offi cers in the back of the room and stated he wanted to press charges against Hitt for a Class A misdemeanor.

Hitt was trying to replat three lots into six lots, and the request had already been approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

However, Corbin argued it was only one piece of property and had never been platted. He also said a portion of the property had already been sold prior to fi ling the replat.

Last week, Hitt showed a letter from Gatesville City Attorney Sandy Gately to Corbin that indicated it was indeed three separate properties.

The city has not rescinded building permits to Steve Buckner, who had purchased part of the property, and construction was underway at press time on two duplexes on Petsick Lane.

Hitt felt the letter from the city attorney to Corbin was proof he had done nothing wrong.

“I was just trying to do things in a more uniform way for the city,” Hitt said.

The property is zoned business/commercial, which would allow for residential or commercial construction.

Last week, Corbin said he cannot fi nd a plat for the property, although he did fi nd the deed.

The attorney is still researching the issue and was uncertain what might be the group’s next step.

As for the criminal complaint, Corbin said he sent a letter to Coryell County Attorney Brandon Belt.

Belt acknowledged receipt of the letter last week, but had not yet determined what, if any, action should be taken.

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