City to make plans for rebuilding storm-damaged airport hangars

After the severe storm that hit Gatesville May 28, a plan is already in the works by the city to repair and replace any resulting damages to the Gatesville Municipal Airport. This would include clean-up for debris, repaving the area where hangars were ripped from the ground and rebuilding new hangars.

Eight of the 22 total hangars were completely destroyed or severely damaged to the point of no repair, some of which ended up also damaging nearby fences. More specifically, hangars one through seven were completely ripped from the pavement and hangar eight consisted of severe damage to the roof and sides.

At least five aircrafts were damaged by the straight-line winds from the storm, including significant damage to the tail, wing or entire body. Because seven of the hangars were ripped from the ground due to the high winds, several of the planes were completely flipped on their topside as a result of being vulnerable to the weather.

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